How To Make Hands Fairy And Beautiful :- Best Methods

Often we have seen that the color of our face is clean but the color of the lower hand from our shoulders is darker than the face.

This can happen in the incense and for other reasons.

The blackness of hands often embarrasses us, so we should always be aware of our skin.

If you have blackness in your hands then do not panic, because today we will tell you the ways to overcome the blackness of the hands which will include tips on grooming the hands and the home remedies for white hands

Cause of blackness on hands

  • Dirt, dust, and pollution
  • Due to UV sun ray
  • Lack of moisture in the skin of hands
  • Do not clean skin properly
  • Due to hyperpigmentation or melanin, the skin becomes dark and dark.

How to make hands beautiful?

People are first seen in our body. Cleaning the most necessary regular hand legs to keep hands paro beautiful.

Wash your hands and pans regularly with a regular towel and rub it well with the help of a towel, it will remove the skin cells of the skin, which will make a black sheet.

Apply warm coconut oil on your hands and elbows and wash it for 20 minutes before bathing.

Ways to make hands white

Take the following measures to clear the color of the hand.

Muthalite: Methilite works as a powerful melanin reddish skin on our skin. It contains a substance called “Glabradin” which makes the skin white.

Method to use:

Mix 4 spoons of methi powder in 1/4 cup cold milk. Now it will become a thick paste. Put this coating on both hands. Let it dry now. After waiting for one wet cloth or cotton, remove this paste and wash it with cold water. In a week you will definitely see the effect.

Olive Oil and Sugar: Using Olive Oil, you are very effective in removing your hands beautiful and dark.

The method of use: First take 3 spoons olive oil and mix it well in sugar and then take a good mall by putting it on your hands. After that wash with cold water.

Turmeric: Tulsi is also considered as the most effective spice. By using it we have enough physical and mental benefits. If you use the herb on hand, the skin of your hand will be very bright.

Method to use:

Put 2-3 tbsp turmeric in boiling water and let it boil well. Now mix 2 spoonful Aloe vera gel and 3 tablespoons of coconut oil in it.

Put this coating on your hands and feet and after 1 hour, wipe it with lukewarm water.

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