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How to save a webpage like pdf in Google Chrome web browser

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In this post of today, we will learn how to save the webpage on a computer like pdf. PDF is a file whose extension is .pdf.

We can take this file easily anyway, meaning that if you open this file in another computer, its text will not make any difference.

The webpage is a page that opens in the web browser i.e. we can say that the webpage is called the page which is opened in the web browser with the help of internet.

we fill up a form and we have to save some important data, then we save our webpages as pdf so that we can use it later.

Let us see how to save the webpage like pdf in a computer: –

In this post, we will see how to save webpage like pdf in Google Chrome

How to save a webpage like pdf in Google Chrome web browser:

Google Chrome Web Browser is designed by Google and this browser searches fastest so almost everyone uses this browser if you also use Google Chrome web browser in your computer and you save webpage like pdf If you want, follow the steps given below.

Step 1:

First of all, you open the Google Chrome web browser in your computer, then you open the page that you want to save like pdf.

Step 2:

Now after that you will see a symbol of three dots on the top right corner, you have to click on it.

Now when you click on that symbol, a drop-down menu will open in front of you. In this drop-down menu, click on the print option.

You can also use its shortcut for this to press the keyboard’s Ctrl + P button.

Step 3:

Now a pop-up box will open in front of the destination in this pop-up box.

Now, as soon as you click on the Change button, another pop-up box will open.

From now on you have to select save as pdf option.

Step 4:

Now click on the Save button.

Clicking on Save button will open a Save as dialog box in front of you, now you have to enter the name of your file in it and then click on Save.

Now your webpage has been saved in your computer’s hard disk like pdf.

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