How To Use Emulator For Playing Pubg

PUBG Mobile is widely loved worldwide. It is also very liked in India too.

The game was first launched for PC.

But a few months ago the company had also launched this game for mobile players.

However, the biggest problem for players is that due to its being popular, cheaters have started growing in it.

To prevent this, the company is doing a lot of effort.

One example is that the company had recently added a new anti-cheat system to the game through an update given.

Apart from this, the company has also banned 13 million players in the past few months to cheat.

Talking about cheating, the biggest problem nowadays mobile players are happening.

Because many players use the game emulators in their PC to play with mobile players.

Emulators are very easy to use.

By using the mouse and keyboard, players can do everything right and at the earliest, which is a bit difficult in the mobile.

This was the reason Tencent Games had to create their own emulator to save the cheating players via third-party emulator.

The company launched this emulator in May this year.

The company has said that players playing in this match will only match the rest of the players playing in the emulator.

However, let us tell you, Tencent Games has said through a tweet that if the player in the team is playing through the emulator.

Then the whole team will match the players of the emulator.

Use Emulator For Playing Pubg

It is a matter of trouble for players playing on the mobile.

Because the players playing in the emulator can comfortably target the gun through the mouse and keyboard or can quickly hide

However, PUBG Mobile has said that it is the player’s choice that they want to play with the emulator players or not.

So the company can not do anything for this.

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