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How To Watch Free Tv On Mobile :- 2G OR 3G Network

Android Mobile has started using very much in today’s world. The increasing use of Android Mobile technology is increasing day by day, and the purchase of Android Mobile Phone is also increasing rapidly.

But in order to run Free Live TV in Mobile, many people search on Google how to play TV on mobile? How to play TV on Mobile? But they can not be found properly.

Today, I’m going to give you information on running Free Live TV in Phone, in the previous post, I had told you how to watch TV without an Internet in the Android Mobile Phone? In order to run TV on the phone, we have to buy a TV dongle.

The price of TV dongle or TV tuner for Android is a bit higher, its price is found between 1000-1500 ₹ or 2000-5000 ₹. For this, we do not need the internet.

If you do not have enough money to buy TV dongle So I give you full information about running Free TV from the Internet through which you can easily watch TV in Mobile from 2G 3G and the 4G Internet.

There are so many apps available in the Play Store to watch Free TV in Mobile.

How to Play Free Live TV in Android Mobile Phone

Friends, all of you would be able to use the Internet on the mobile, and you must have seen Movie / Movies in Mobile too. TV will be very fond of watching. But today we will tell you that you can see everything in Android Mobile too. Even here to watch the movie is not only YouTube. Everything is available on YouTube to watch Movie or Channel. But not all movie movies and channels are available on YouTube. Today, we will tell you how to play Free Live TV in Mobile?

Today I give you about Best and Popular Live TV Apps, which you can install Free TV in Mobile, in which all Channels you can watch in Free, some are not Channel Free, the rest are Channel Due to paid channel, we have to buy a channel, which is available in both monthly or yearly.

What to watch for Free Live TV in Mobile?

To watch TV in Android Mobile Phone, 2G will have to use different software for the Internet and install separate software to watch TV from 3G and 4G Internet. How do people run Free Live TV from the 2G Internet to Mobile and how to play Free Live TV from 3G and 4G Internet to Mobile Phone? I will tell about

How To Watch Tv With 2G Network?

If you use the Internet or your Android Mobile 2G, then this trick is important for you, through this trick, you can watch TV in Android Mobile Phone. Let’s see how to live TVs are run from 2G internet, step by step

1. Download this app to watch TV from the 2G Internet- nexGTV live TV Apps

2. Install after downloading and open it

3. Click on Live TV after opening

4. There you will see Channel List, which you want to see on the channel, click on it

5. Live TV will start running after 10 to 15 seconds.

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