Micromax Canvas Infinity Review :- All About This Device

Smartphones with wide aspect ratios are no longer a big deal. Already in the Indian market, Samsung and LG have already introduced their phones with 18: 9 high aspect ratios.

In such a case, it is not surprising to offer such phones to other smartphone maker companies.

Indian mobile phone manufacturer Micromax has also introduced the big screen smartphone while joining the same race.

Micromax has launched the Canvas Infinity smartphone at Rs 9,999 with a bigger screen and bold look.

Micromax Canvas Infinity provides a big screen with 5.7-inch 18: 9 aspect ratios screen.

But, apart from a bigger screen what’s in this phone that makes it special?

We used this phone to make this point. Learn more about how this review is on our phone.

The goodness of Micromax Canvas Infinity

The Micromax Canvas Infinity Comes with an 18: 9 5.7-inch screen gives a nice look from the front.

However, the non-screen space present on the side is the same, as you would expect to be on any smartphone.

The difference can actually be seen at the bottom of the screen and above.

There is very little space in both of these places, with no capacitive buttons and the speaker grill.

The closest sensor and the top of the front camera have been kept very high.

The curved corners of the screen give a better look to the phone design.

After reducing the on-screen space, the Micromax Canvas Infinity 5.7-inch screen looks much less, as seen in OnePlus 5.

The phone does not look very big and will appeal to buyers on a low budget which is looking for a bigger screen phone, but they prefer to take a bigger amount of screen size.

This phone has not been given a fingerprint scanner in the competing LG Q6. At the same time, Micromax Canvas Infinity covers this feature.

The fingerprint scanner is given on the back of the phone, which is quite accurate and quick to unlock the phone.

The other main advantage of Micromax Canvas Infinity is that its battery can be removable.

This means that you will not need to go to the service center in case of a bad battery of the phone.

Apart from this, the phone has different slots for both the SIM card and the MicroSD card, which means that you can use the MicroSD card to increase the sim and storage of your phone simultaneously.

Micromax Canvas Infinity Review

With 4G connectivity and support for VOLTE, Micromax Canvas Infinity is well set up whenever it comes to connecting to the data network.

Apart from this, it has been given 3 GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage which is common in the phone worth Rs. 10,000.

Apart from this, the phone has a single-layer interface on top with the Android Nogat 7.1.2 operating system.

Android navigation is given on-screen and icons, setting menus and styling are just like some iOS.

There are only a few apps (Amazon, Asphalt nitro and surprisingly, Narendra Modi app) already installed and can be easily uninstalled.

Micromax Canvas Infinity has a 16-megapixel front camera.

In addition, there is no flash in it. But, after this, the high-resolution camera that is present in it gets good photos.

In addition, there are some modes in it like Real Time-Bokeh and Super Pixel Technology.

In addition, you can reduce the full resolution to 18: 9 aspect ratio picture, which uses the full screen as a camera viewfinder and takes comprehensive shots.

Photos are fast and well-formed, and although Bokeh uses software to determine depth-of-field instead of dual camera setup, the results are very interesting.

Micromax Canvas Infinity Evil

Micromax Canvas Infinity also comes with many drawbacks.

The first significant reduction is in screen resolution; Micromax Canvas Infinity has an HD + resolution screen, with a screen resolution (720 × 1440) pixels.

Pixel density ratio is approximately 282 pixels-per-inch, which is less and sharper shows less.

Although the screen looks better in case of color and brightness, low detail is worth noting. Especially when you watch a video in the phone and play games, then the large screen of Micromax Canvas Infinity comes in handy.

This phone is based on Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 SoC, which is a basic chipset.

It has been used in Shaomi Redmi 4A, which costs 5,999 rupees. Chipset is the best for entry-level smartphones.

But this chipset shows lack of performance capability.

During my time with the phone, I had to face difficulties too, even with running three or four apps I also had a little trouble.

Gaming is a fun game with a fix-deep game, as long as you do not have many other apps running in the background.

At the same time, there is some slight heat generated during the work.

Some apps, including pre-installed asphalt nitro, crash on this occasion when other apps are also running.

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