Tired of toothache? These 4 easy home remedies to get relief

The problem of pain in the tooth is found in approximately 5 or 6 out of every 10 people.

Due to sudden pain in teeth, many people are worried. It not only affects your teeth but also your life.

Due to pain in dentistry, you do not even eat your favorite things many times.

There can be several causes of pain in the tooth. Whenever there is a sudden pain in your teeth, you use Pen Killer or Kai other chemicals to get relief from this unbearable pain.

Because this pain of the teeth affects your other things too.

So let us tell you about some home remedies, which you can use to help you get relief from this pain that suddenly arises in the tooth at home.


Whenever the home remedies for toothache are spoken, the name of the ash comes first.

This happens because it releases the toothache immediately. It is also very easy to use.

Mix it well with the juice of seasoning and take it in cotton and keep it near your painful tooth. Since asafoetida is found in almost every home, this remedy is considered to be very easy, simple and effective for toothache.


Cloves have medicinal properties which destroy bacteria and other germs (germs, bacteria).

Since the main cause of toothache is bacterial and other insect bacteria, the use of cloves causes destruction of bacteria and other germs, resulting in dental pain disappearing.

In home remedies, cloves are placed near the tooth that contains the pain. But the process of pain reduction is a bit slower, so it requires patience.


Onion is a great home remedy for toothache.

The person who consumes onions on a daily basis reduces the complaint of a toothache because onions contain some medicinal properties that destroy the mouth jerks, bacteria, and bacteria.

If you have pain in your tooth, keep the onion piece near the tooth or chew the onions. You will feel comfortable after a while.


Garlic also provides much relief in toothache. In fact, Garlic has antibiotic properties that have the ability to fight various types of infection.

If your toothache is due to some type of infection, then garlic will remove the infection so that your toothache will also be cured.

For this, you should chew two of the two garlic gums raw. If you want, you can cut the garlic or grind it with your painful tooth.

Garlic has allicin, which destroys bacteria, jerks, bacteria, etc. near the tooth.

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