What Is Monitor And Types Of Monitors


The monitor is an output device. This is also called a visual display unit. This is like watching TV. Without it the computer is incomplete. These are of three types depending on the colors displayed by the monitor.


This word is made up of two words mono (i.e. Single) and chrome (i.e. color) which is why it is called single color display and it displays the monitor output as black and white |


These monitors are like monochrome but it displays any type of display in gray shades. These types of monitors are mostly used in handy computers such as laptops (Laptop).

Color Monitors

Such monitor displays the output as the adjustment of RGB (Red-Green-Blue) radiation, due to the theory, such monitors are capable of displaying graphics in high resolution, at the same time as the memory of computer memory such monitor 16 Ranging from 16 million to the display of the output.

Types of Monitor

  • CRT Monitor
  • Flat Panel Monitor
  • LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
  • LED Emitting Diode
  • CRT Monitor

CRT Monitor is the most commonly used Output Device, also called VDU (Visual Display Unit), its main part is Cathode Ray tube, which is called Generally Picture tube.

Most of the monitors have Picture Tube Elements, which are TVs. This tube is similar to the set. Is called CRT The technique provides output in affordable and colorful colors.

CRT has an Electron gun, which emits electrons beam and cathode rays, it is passed electron beam, Electronic grid, so that electron speed can be reduced CRT Monitor Phosphorus is screened on the screen, so as soon as the electron beam strikes the screen, the pixels are shining and the image or layout appears on the screen.

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)

With the development of technology, the Monitor also changed its way with the development of CRT Monitor, and in the exchange of the CRT Monitor, LCD Monitor has come into vogue now.

The monitor is very attractive. Also known as Liquid Crystal Display, LCD. It is Digital Technology which creates shape through a liquid crystal on a flat surface, it takes less space, it takes less energy and produces less heat than conventional Cathode ray tube monitors.

This display is first used in the Laptop. Breakfast was, but now it seems to be used to screen Desktop Computer

Flat Panel Monitor

This technique was developed in place of CRT technology, in which chemicals and gases are placed in a plate and used in the display.

It is a very thin screen. Flat Panel is lightweight and reducing power consumption, in which Liquid Crystal Display-LCD technology is used.

LCDs have less clarity than CRT technology, they are used in Use Laptop, etc.

Monitor Signs

There are special features inside any type of monitor, depending on which quality is tested.

The main symptoms of the monitor are resolution refresh rate do not pitch interlacing noninterlacing bit mapping, depending on which quality is tested.


Significant attributes of the monitor – Resolution This illustrates the clarity of the picture’s Picture (Picture), in most Display Devices, the small screen of Small Screen (Dots) These small dot pots of the screen are called pixels.

Here the pixels are the short form of the Picture Element.

The more pixels on the screen, the resolution of the screen is equally a That will that image (Image) will be equally clear is composed of a display resolution (Resolution) to be 640 * 480, this means that the screen column of 640 dots (Column) and rows of 480 dots (Row) |

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